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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cape Transfers and Cape Travel The Same Company?
Cape Travel & Cape Transfers operate with the same mother company Transportistas Josefinos (the oldest transportation company in los cabos) which was founded 33 years ago, Cape Travel personal & Cape Transfers personal oparate in the same office which is located only a few steps away from Los Cabos International Airport.

Is ground transportation better than renting a car?
Depending on your travel plans renting a car mey be convenient ones you are at the hotel, however there is no safer way to be transferred to/from your hotel than hiring Transportation at a very affordable fee, with the confidence on an experienced driver and the assistance only experts at Cape Transfers & Cape Travel can provide under special circunstances, such as luggage issues, delayed flights, etc.

I've just book my vehicle using my paypal account when will I receive my confirmation?
One of our office personal will send you a confirmation number with instructions within the next 24 hours after you booked your transportation with your paypal account, please be patient while we assign your vehicle to your destination in order to give you your confirmation number.

Cabo Transportation from airport, how long does it take?
A ride from the Airport to any hotel in the area can take from 25 minutes up to 1 hour to some hotels on the Pacific side, however no matter the distance, our trip will be comfortable and you will enjoy the great view from Cabo's blend of ocean & desert landscape on your way.

Can we make a stop for groceries on the way to our hotel?
Private transportation services are applicable for a shopping stop as long as you tip the driver !

Is there a rate per person?
Yes, all shared transfers (shuttle) are quotated per person, this type of services is different than our private transportation, where the fee is "per the unit" & its capacity.

I changed my departure date, is there a charge for changing my departure transfer date?
Not at all, on ground transfers for families or individuals, you may request changes on your departure with 48 hours in advance, for group transfers, contact your assigned group manager for more details at or

How can I get to Los Cabos?
Depending where you are from, taking a flight is the easiest and fastest way to get here, the airlines that give service to our destination are: Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Aeromexico, Mexicana, Continental Airlines, America West, Alaska Airlines and some charters from Europe.

Which are the main tourist attractions in Los Cabos?
The most famous would be the arch, a natural rocky formation sculpted by the ocean and used as an international symbol to promote this destination; the next one would be the natural phenomenon of courtship, procreation and birth of the gray whale, during winter time.

What are the main tourist activities?
Los Cabos is well known for its great services in gastronomy, spas and the practice of different sports like scuba diving, kayak, surf, sailing, sport fishing, Golf & ATV’s, among others.

What currencies are accepted?
The currency is the Mexican peso but most of the commerces will accept American dollars, Canadian dollars, credit cards, traveler checks and some of them will even accept euros

What is the average temperature in Los Cabos?
The climate in Los Cabos is warm, sunny and dry most of the year and summer is the `rainy` season. August and September (hurricane season) are the rainiest months and most of the hurricanes do not get in to main land (hurricanes usually get to los cabos every 7 years).

Where is Los Cabos?
Los Cabos is one of the most beautiful and exclusive beach destinations in Mexico and it is located at the Peninsula of Baja California Sur, the name of the state is Baja California Sur and the Capital City is La Paz, 220 km. north from Los Cabos.

On April 8th, 1730, the Mission of San Jose del Cabo Añuiti was founded by Jesuit missionary Nicolas Tamaral. The original mission was established near the beach by the estuary, but was later moved to what`s known today as Old San Jose

Los Cabos can be easily reached from all major US gateways. Direct flights are available on several airlines from Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle; with connections to cities throughout the US, Canada and the world.

Los Cabos is just two hours away from Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Phoenix